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SharePoint Publishing Site Templates

Written by Denis Stadler on . Posted in Publishing Feature, SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010 there are 3 predefined site templates which use the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature:

  • Publishing Site
  • Publishing Site with Workflow
  • Enterprise Wiki

The easiest things to observe when we create a publishing site are the built in lists and libraries: Documents, Images, Pages, Workflow Tasks.
Please be aware that the internal name of the Images library actually is “PublishingImages”. Anyway, you can find all technical details of the publishing infrastructure on MSDN.

But, what I would really like to point in this post are some differences between these 3 site templates:

Content Types in the Pages documents library

In the Pages library of the Enterprise Wiki we have the possibility to create an Enterprise Wiki Page or a Project Page (vs Page, Article Page, Welcome Page available within the Page library of a site created with the Publishing Site Template). The visible different fields within the Enterprise Wiki home page are: Page Rating and Categories.
The real question is: how to choose between the two templates – Publishing Site or Enterprise Wiki? And I think that this decision should be taken based on the specific business requirements.

The Approval Workflow

The approval workflow is enabled by default only in the Publishing Site with Workflow site template. It can be used for content approval on a Web Site or an Intranet solution where the content must be reviewed before publication. A complete step by step procedure about how to implement approval and authoring can be read on this page: A Simple SharePoint WCM (Web Content Management) How To Guide (from Authoring to Approval and Publishing).

But, before using it please take into consideration that you need to have at least one person on the site’s Approvers group (site’s Owners are Approvers by default) or with Approve permission level and of course at least one contributor (site’s Owners and Approvers are Contributors by default). Basically the relationship between the default site groups and permissions is as follows: site-name Owners > site-name Approvers > site-name Members > site-name Visitors.

Now lets go throughout the approval process by reviewing all the steps of the approval workflow. To start just edit a page within a Publishing Site with Workflow, Click the Publishing menu and then click on the Submit button.

After we complete the task details: Request, Due Date, Duration and CC a new item will be generated in the Workflow Tasks list.

Now there is more than one option available. Please remember that only the members with Approver permission level can modifiy this:

  • Approve the page
  • Reject the page
  • Re-assing the task
  • Request a change

The Approver can always browse directly to the page and take the decision from there using the built in buttons: Cancel Approval, Approve, Reject.

Just two more things:

  • A user who has ONLY read security rights will be able to see only the last published and approved version of the page.
  • The approval workflow can be added manually to any pages document library.

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Denis Stadler

I'm a technology enthusiast, with more than 10 years of experience in SharePoint and Dynamics CRM projects. To find more details about, please visit the about me page.

Comments (2)

  • Scott Johnson


    Hi Denis,
    I have a new installation of Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise with a Team site as the port 80 main site but am unable to find the Summary Link Web Part.
    I stumbled onto your blog looking for the answer as I believe this webpart is now only available in publishing Sites (the only reason I can think of). The Teamsite doesn’t offer me summary link web parts when I insert a webpart. I am sure It did in my last site. I can’t find an answer to this question. It appears when I add a Publishing site though. Are you familiar with the way this works, or know of a way to include summary link web parts into a team site?
    Scott Johnson


    • Denis Stadler


      Hi Scott,

      In order to see the Summary Link Web Part you need to activate the SharePoint Publishing Feature. This can be achieved in two steps:
      – 1. At the site collection level -> Site Actions -> Site Settings -> under Site Collection Administration -> Site Collection Features -> Activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (without enabling this feature you won’t be able to user the SharePoint Publishing in any site);
      – 2. At the site level -> Site Actions -> Site Settings -> under Site Actions -> Manage Site Features -> Activate SharePoint Server Publishing;
      Then the web part should be visible in the Web Part list.

      But, there is another way: create a Link List in your site and then display it as Web Part in the page (anyway in the Team Site there should already be a link list called Links).

      Hope it helps!



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