Developing a Form in InfoPath 2010. First Check Your Office Version!

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Yesterday I started developing an InfoPath 2010 web form for a SharePoint implementation. When I wanted to test my in progress work I was very surprised to receive a very odd error message: InfoPath cannot open the selected form because of an error in the form’s code. System.IO.FileNotFoundException, mscorlib…

It was very interesting to find out that I was receiving the message because on my machine I had installed Office 2010 32-bit version.

The only valid solution that I was able to find, was to uninstall the 32-bit Office from my development machine and re-install the 64-bit version of the product.

The problem is that Office 2010 64-bit misses some ActiveX controls, so I might face other issues when developing other components. More details – Using Office 365 and SharePoint 2010 with Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit

So what should I do (except creating two different virtual machines) since I don’t think it is possible to have both Office 32-bit and 64-bit on the same machine?

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