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Yesterday I was creating a new Enterprise Wiki site in a SharePoint Online site collection. The interesting thing that I found out, was the fact that I was not able to configure the default “Wiki Categories” managed metadata column.

And an interesting error message was there:

The required feature is not enabled for this column type.

After investigating for a while I realised that the issue was cased because I created the parent site collection using the “Blank Site” site template which doesn’t enable the “TaxonomyFieldAdded” feature. You can easily notice this if you go in the list settings section of the Pages library in the Enterprise Wiki site. If the feature is not enabled at the site collection level, you won’t see “Enterprise Metadata and Keywords Settings” in the list management menu.

In my case was easy to fix this. My parent site collection was new, so I just deleted and recreated it using a different site template. But what happens if the situation is different?

Anyway this is a thing to be taken into consideration when implementing SharePoint Online! :)


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